Philosophical Matters: The Meaning of “Being at Home” Part 2

I briefly mentioned in a previous written entry on Integrating Horizons that my own private philosophical works have been spent thinking about the meaning of what it is “to be at home”. I was interested in the different ways we currently speak of our sense of being at home, how each affects the normative significance it has in terms of how things matter to me and how this matters to institutions and governments, indeed for thinking not only about major social global issues of the past, the present, and future, but also, perhaps more or less philosophically,… Read More

Jürgen Habermas on Secular Foundations of Political Legitimation

Jürgen Habermas on Secular Foundations of Political Legitimation Berkley Centre for Religion, Peace & World Affairs At the 2011 Berkley Centre for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Professor Habermas presented a philosophical paper titled “Myth and Ritual”. In the question period that followed, Professor Habermas’ highlighted what he believed was really at the issue in interpreting the very foundations itself of contemporary political legitimation in terms that were secular. While seeing himself as a defender of the “Enlightenment heritage” of the West, Professor Habermas argued that the issue ultimately relies on a… Read More