Social Campaigns Awareness: “#AmINext” Campaign

This newest social media campaign — the “#AmINext” national campaign– aims at raising awareness about murdered and missing aboriginal women in Canada in light of the Federal Government’s stern refusal to pursue a national inquiry. The campaign asks Aboriginal women to share a photo of themselves bearing the hashtag “#AmINext” to raise awareness that Aboriginal women are more likely to be victims of violence and sexual violence. There was over 1200 unresolved cases involving missing or murdered Aboriginal women in the last 30 years. The purpose of the campaign is to further… Read More

Integrating Technology Series: R.I.S.E App

In this Integrating Technology Series, we look at apps that speak not only to important interdisciplinary themes but also practical social justice campaigns by putting the spotlight on how technologies can be revolutionized and integrated into our lives in new ways, exploring their practical impacts as well as their moral and existential purposes. In this entry, we take a look at a social media app designed to help prevent incidents of sexual violence and support those around subject to gender-based discrimination around you. This is R.I.S.E. RISE, or ‘React, Intervene, Support and… Read More