Tomorrow’s Nobel Peace Prize Announcement

Nobel Peace Prize Announcement – October 10th 2014 The Storting (The Parliament of Norway) and Nobel Foundation (Est. 1900) The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize will be announced this week on October 10th 2014 at 11:00 am in Norway, and there are no indications or leaks as to who will be receiving the honor in 2014. The year has been particularly marked by worldwide conflict and escalating political as well as military conflict. Nevertheless, while it may be possible that no laureate may be selected, it is likely that there will be a… Read More

Distinguished Prizes Series: The Trudeau Fellowships

In this latest entry of our distinguished awards series, we take a brief look at the prestigious Trudeau Fellowships — a series of annual awards granted by the Trudeau Foundation in recognition of academic and research excellence in the humanities and arts in Canada– a prestigious award valued at $225 000, paid over three years. The Trudeau Fellowship is considered one of the highest Canadian distinction in the humanities and arts. Trudeau Fellows are granted significant freedom to manage and use the funds for their research but are also required to undertake… Read More

Prizes & Honors in Philosophy: Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada

Click here for the official website of the RSC. In this fifth feature of our #prizes in philosophy series, we take a look at the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada — an honor granted by the Royal Society of Canada, on an annual basis, for their “remarkable contributions in the arts, the humanities and the sciences, as well as in Canadian public life”. Created in 1882 by Canada’s Governor General Marquis of Lorne and incorporated in 1883 by a statute of the Parliament of Canada, over 3700 scholars have since… Read More

World Prizes in Philosophy Series: The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Foundation, The Norwegian Nobel Institute, The Norwegian Parliament (“The Storting”)   In this second feature of the #Prizes in Philosophy Series, we look at the eminent Nobel Peace Prize — a USD 1 000 000 (EUR 1 500 000) prize established by the terms of the will of engineer Dr. Alfred Bernhard Nobel. The will was drawn on November 27th, 1895 and has been managed since his passing on December 10th 1896 by the Nobel Foundation created in 1900. The Nobel Peace Prize is granted to suitable candidate(s) that have… Read More