Professor Philip Pettit on “Legitimacy and Justice”

University College of London (UCL) Laws: Inaugural Quain Lecture Click here to access the video of the lecture. In the 2012 Inaugural Quain Lecture, philosopher Philip Pettit spoke on the importance of considering the question of legitimacy —  i.e., of just how acceptable the imposing of the social order is — as a distinct from that of justice — i.e., of just how objectionable is the content and form of the legal order itself. He suggests that the distinction between both questions relies on what each one “hangs” on for an acceptable… Read More

Dr. Amartya Sen on Constitutional Interpretation, Language and Human Rights

Dr. Amartya Sen on Constitutional Interpretation, Language and Human Rights Owen J. Roberts Memorial Lecture in Constitutional Law At the 2011 Owen J. Roberts Memorial Lecture in Constitutional Law, Professor Amartya Sen presented a short paper on the philosophy of language and the evolution of interpreting constitutional and human rights provisions over time. Professor Sen argued that the act of constitutional interpretation itself must confront the particular philosophical language problems of interpreting the collection of words of which a constitution is explicitly constitutive, thus casting doubts over the Originalism of Robert Bork and the… Read More