Integrating Technology Series: R.I.S.E App

In this Integrating Technology Series, we look at apps that speak not only to important interdisciplinary themes but also practical social justice campaigns by putting the spotlight on how technologies can be revolutionized and integrated into our lives in new ways, exploring their practical impacts as well as their moral and existential purposes. In this entry, we take a look at a social media app designed to help prevent incidents of sexual violence and support those around subject to gender-based discrimination around you. This is R.I.S.E. RISE, or ‘React, Intervene, Support and… Read More

The Need for a National Public Inquiry on Canada’s Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

In a panel discussion on Canada’s Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women for The Agenda, Michèle Audette – president of NWAC – provided an impassionate answer as to why Aboriginal women in Canada have been the target of violence. For us at ©Integrating Horizons, Michèle’s response captures the essence as well as the urgency for a National Public Inquiry in Canada on missing and murdered Aboriginal women. For us at [Aboriginal women are targeted because of] discrimination, racism, being marginalized every day, extreme poverty facing in the community or urban setting, the vulnerability that got us close to the violence,… Read More

Justice Murray Sinclair on “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada”

Justice Murray Sinclair on “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada” Commission Chair, Justice Murray Sinclair In the following interview, Justice Murray Sinclair speaks about his role as Chair and Head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) and what the history of the residential schools means not only to Aboriginal peoples but also for Canada. One of the important tasks of the TRC, he notes, is to provide a space for survivors to feel that they are being listened to in a serious way and that their stories are… Read More

The Damaging Effects of Discrimination Conference 2014

The Damaging Effects of Discrimination: Presented by Dalhousie’s Multifaith Centre Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia The purpose for the Damaging Effects of Discrimination Conference was to expand our awareness of discrimination in our cities and how to address this problem in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. The discussions provided an opportunity to think about discrimination in the context of the growing importance of community and its changing daily expectations by our expanding awareness of racial, lingual and religious plurality in our societies. The question as a philosopher became for me one of addressing discrimination in… Read More