Mr. Charles L. Dumais, Founder and Chairman

©Integrating Horizons is a foundation that seeks to promote and incorporate diverse philosophical perspectives and combine them with social justice campaigns in order to examine but also cultivate and foster interdisciplinary cultures, self-respect, and fair dialogues when exploring the inherent diversity of our shared global, social problems and solutions. We seek in other words to nurture a critical awareness in the meeting between the value of philosophical self-reflection and the problems identified in social justice campaigns. Our integrating contexts series will seek to organize a diversity of horizons and practices for the public and civic leaders in an abridged and integrated manner so to help connect the dots between a variety of issues and social campaigns.

As Chairman, my responsibilities consists in laying the groundwork for financing, managing research projects and recruiting an executive team that will oversee campaigns beyond 2015-2016. With a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in political science from the University of Ottawa, I bring a foundational understanding of the philosophical and historical backgrounds of contemporary society. This along with my work as a researcher in Constitutional history, and volunteer networks, will help in laying the administrative foundations and strategic relationships with government, corporate and volunteer sectors in addressing our long-term commitments and missions. At present, I am writing a treatise on the question of belonging and how our sense of home can contain diverse sources of legitimation accounting our different kinds of participation in identifying, let alone sharing, global historical and constitutional problems – the subject of our first conference in 2015-2016.

For more information regarding my professional background, please refer to my CV, attached here. You may also find my public profiles on Instagram where I openly network and share updates across my many volunteer engagements. An Academia account is also forthcoming. Please follow my twitter account @MrDumais and/or also connect with me on LinkedIn.

A portfolio of select writing (forthcoming)

About Us
Strategic Plan 2015 (forthcoming)
Letter from the Founder (forthcoming)
Integrating Contexts
Social Campaigns (forthcoming)


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