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The Inspiration for Integrating Horizons©

Integrating_Horizons_logoThe idea, and indeed the inspiration, for this website came from a passing comment a friend had made to me in the summer of 2012. He said: “It’s good to lose yourself in the city, to lose yourself into exploring something new”. I have since taken these words almost as my own personal mantra and hopefully as you can see the prime inspiration for my efforts on this website.

What it means is that we should venture, to think and experience in new and unscripted ways. Our experiences are meant to be lived, and as I have taken it, creatively lived, integrating new and old horizons. Our work is meant to be exciting. Sometimes it means given yourself a chance of doing something different, and in my case most often turning down opportunities that were familiar in order to explore something that is unknown. It can be definitely frightening but also lead to exhilarating experiences.

In my own life, I have done so in re-exploring my thinking and work in philosophy, in constitutional theory and Canadian as well Aboriginal histories. In philosophy and Canadian constitutional thought it became a source of creativity and inspiration freeing me to experience and seek to integrate the unexpected, the unscripted. I still very do today think and work through interdisciplinary fields combining strands in ways that are as unscripted as I can. It surprises me. It also helps explore the peripheral elements of a given field of work much easier and find new colleagues to share philosophy and experiences. I Have used it to make my world richer and more complex, new perspectives, energy and experiences to draw upon for creative insight.

I hope to use this website as a step to re-explore different integrating horizons in not only philosophy, constitutional theory and Aboriginal history in Canada; to use it as a hub for critical discussions in culture, key social issues and the local-global, and both our secular-religious ages.

My advice: “It’s okay.” “It’s good to lose one’s self in the city, the world, the books, to lose one’s self into exploring something new.”

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