Professor Christopher Gill on “Stoicism Today” Project

Professor Christopher Gill on “Stoicism Today” Project
October 2012, University of Exeter


Click here for the video.

In this inauguration of the #IntegratingSeries, we review the workshop video introduction to the “Stoicism Today” project initiated by Professor Christopher Gill and associates at the University of Exeter, U.K., in October 2012. The purpose of the “Stoicism Today” project is to explore the “applications of Stoic philosophy” in modern day life, and to develop online material and courses on the practise of Stoic philosophy today.

“Stoicism Today is a group of psychotherapists and academics working together to produce resources for practising Stoic philosophy, the 2000 year old philosophy as a way of life, today.”

The “Stoicism Today” project offers free online courses, texts on classical stoicism, and magazine content on the living of the Stoic life in modern times. The project is particularly geared toward fully exploring these existing connections of Stoicism with psychotherapeutic health sciences and work environment and simultaneously exploring its classical roots in the works of Stoics like Marcus Aurelius. It also however seek to further those existing practices with new projects, collaborations and partnerships through its sister website ModernStoicism’s discussion forums and blogs.

The “Stoicism Today” and its sister project offer vastly interesting models for a wide range of contemporary academic disciplines, in particular those that not only seek and indeed need to build on and collaborate with existing connections in real life practises, but also for those that seek to bridge academic exercises and practical purposes that seek to embed their disciplines in a interdisciplinary way.

“Academia does not need to be about understanding the text and interpreting the text. The practical side and the practical impact on society can be an area of interest today”.

Click here for the Stoicism Today Website.
Click here for the Modern Stoicism Website.

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