Professor Maria Subtelny Public Lecture: “Rules for Rulers: Political Ethics in Medieval Islam” on November 20th 2014

Dalhousie University, Mackay History Lecture Series, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The 2014 Mackay History Lecture series will feature on November 20th 2014 a public lecture by internationally renowned Professor Maria Subtelny (Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto). The lecture is entitled “Rules for Rulers: Political Ethics in Medieval Islam”. She will be speaking on the history and culture of medieval Iran and Islam. For more information about the lecture, please visit the Mackay History Lecture website.

Professor Subtelny received her PhD degree from Harvard University and has been teaching at the University of Toronto for well over 25 years.

Selected works
Timurids in Transition: Turko-Persian Politics and Acculturation in Medieval IranHoushang Pourshariati Award
Le monde est un jardin: Aspects de l’histoire culturelle de l’Iran médiévalSaidi-Sirjani Award
The Lecture will be held at the Kenneth C. Rowe Building, Room 1009, at 7:00pm, on November 20th 2014.
A list of previous Mackay History Lectures can be found here.

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