University of King’s College Lecture “Re-writing the history of science & philosophy in late colonial India” by Dr. Dhruv Raina

Part 2 in the 2014 Lecture Series Centuries of Dialogue: Asia and the West Contemporary Studies, Early Modern Studies & History of Science and Technology Programmes University of King’s College will be hosting Thursday October 2nd a public lecture entitled Re-writing the history of science & philosophy in late colonial India by Dr. Dhruv Raina, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science and Education and Honorary Director, Indian Council for Social Science Research, Northern Regional Centre at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The lecture will focus on the Indian reception of Western… Read More

The meaning of “home” Pt.2

Integrating Contexts & Philosophical Matters: The Meaning of “Being at Home” Part 2 UPDATE My philosophical work has been in attributing a philosophical reflection of what it is “to be at home” in the world. I am interested in the different ways we concurrently speak of the notion, and how each one affects the normative significance in terms of how things matter to me and how this matters to institutions and governments for thinking not only about major social global issues of the past, the present, and future, but also our freedom as… Read More