Integrating Technologies Series: Cloud Backup Services

Meeting the professional standards of your field of expertise includes not only completing continuing education, publishing of articles in reputable journals, attendance at conferences and seminars presentations, and membership as well as volunteer work in your community but also having the organizational skills and tools to ensure that you can deliver reliable results to yourself and to your colleagues as well as clients.

In this new series, we take a look at how technologies are integrating within our daily lives, and in particular, which I have come to appreciate, the importance in securing how my work is backed up and shared through reliable cloud backup services. We take a look in this entry at what I consider one of the top cloud backup services on the market in 2014: IDrive.

A cloud storage is essentially an online service that holds and host your work on a secured server database – as opposed to your physical or portable hard drive. IDrive is a cloud storage service that specializes in backing up your files and social media accounts at specified schedules and intervals. It features sharing and archiving of data across multiple devices including your smartphone, tablet, laptop and so forth on a single account. Having a secure and reliable system routinely backup your files is an important component for today’s professionals. In order to provide truly reliable work, you need a reliable cloud system to ensure that it is always saved in a secure place to safeguard against a stolen or broken laptop/device.

What distinguishes IDrive from many of the alternatives is that it does not merely synchronize your files but creates a backup of them; the distinction being that IDrive retains a manageable archive of previous versions in the event that you require not just the last backed up version but a specific one. Moreover, synchronicity also means that deleting your file on your computer will also delete it in your cloud. Online backup services provide an archive of your work, even when it is lost on your computer.

The other distinguishing feature is perhaps its remarkably high security. IDrive uses 256-bit AES military-grade encryption in the both the transfer and the storage of your files. Along with you being the only person in possession of the encryption key to access your account, this means that not a third party nor even IDrive themselves can access your files even if compelled by governments. The key moreover cannot even be reset by IDrive. Its loss means however losing access to your account permanently.

With additional servers across multiple continents to guard against natural disasters, IDrive is a reliable tool with many additional features, including perhaps for the privacy conscious user with the “remote swipe” feature – the capability of deleting your files from a remote computer in the event your personal computer is stolen

If interested in alternatives cloud services, take a look at the PCWorld article and the Toptenreviews article for an extensive list and their evaluations.

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