Social Campaigns Awareness: “#AmINext” Campaign

This newest social media campaign — the “#AmINext” national campaign– aims at raising awareness about murdered and missing aboriginal women in Canada in light of the Federal Government’s stern refusal to pursue a national inquiry. The campaign asks Aboriginal women to share a photo of themselves bearing the hashtag “#AmINext” to raise awareness that Aboriginal women are more likely to be victims of violence and sexual violence. There was over 1200 unresolved cases involving missing or murdered Aboriginal women in the last 30 years. The purpose of the campaign is to further open public discussions on the systematic and under-reported violence aimed at Aboriginal women. The phrase is meant to put public pressure on the federal government’s unwillingness for a renewed national public inquiry into missing or murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

The campaign, spearheaded by Holly Jarrett and initiated on September 5th 2014, raises examples of the systematic discrimination and differential treatment Aboriginal women in Canadian society. Jarrett believes that while the campaign will probably not change the Federal Government’s decisions, it may however “spark change in other people … to want to dive into an issue and say, ‘Hey, let’s Google that.'”.

A national public inquiry would address the devastating effect of systemic racism and sexual violence Aboriginal girls and women in Canada. A document recent published by the NWAC however makes a case for a national public inquiry. It argues that a national public inquiry would:
– further help identify the processes as well as the policies that have maintained the current status-quo for Aboriginal communities;
– squarely address the multiple levels of government and their responsibilities;
– review and produce new recommendations for a strategic national plan to address the violence facing Aboriginal communities;
– increase awareness of human rights violations;
– express a conciliatory commitments not only to acknowledge the historical and sociological realities but also put an end to them.

In addition to the social media campaign, Holly Jarrett has also successfully spearheaded a petition on Change.Org calling for a public inquiry into hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. We encourage all of our readers to sign the petition or at least take a look at further documentation.

The RCMP Report available here.
The United Nations Report by Dr. James Anaya available here
Access to Information leads to Confidential Draft Report available here
News reports on Lauretta Saunders here.

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