Distinguished Prizes Series: The Trudeau Fellowships

In this latest entry of our distinguished awards series, we take a brief look at the prestigious Trudeau Fellowships — a series of annual awards granted by the Trudeau Foundation in recognition of academic and research excellence in the humanities and arts in Canada– a prestigious award valued at $225 000, paid over three years. The Trudeau Fellowship is considered one of the highest Canadian distinction in the humanities and arts. Trudeau Fellows are granted significant freedom to manage and use the funds for their research but are also required to undertake various public engagement as a component of the access to the fund monetary value.

The Fellowship is also importantly a membership into the Trudeau Foundation Community which provides access to previous fellows, mentors, scholars from a wide variety of expertise and interdisciplinary interests. The membership in the Trudeau Foundation Community requires Fellows to actively take part into public events which gives opportunities to disseminate their work and ideas with experts in a variety of interdisciplinary connections and the public. A public lecture is required at least once during the period of the fellowship on the topic of their research and role as public intellectual. The Trudeau Foundation Community offers a variety of public platforms which include the “Trudeau Lecture Series” and the “Trudeau Foundation Papers” to help leading citizens and active intellectuals to reflect critically and act on the pressing issues of our time. An archive of conferences and public panels on a variety of subjects can be found here.

There are up to five regular fellows selected every fall. These Fellows are appointed for life. The 2014 Trudeau Fellows will be announced on Sept. 18th 2014 and we here at Integrating Horizons will be covering their academic backgrounds as well as their research interests.

The fellowship is however granted on the basis of research achievement, creativity, and social commitment to at least one of the Trudeau Foundation’s four themes. These include (1) Human Rights and Dignity, (2) Responsible Citizenship, (3) Canada and the World, and (4) People and their Natural Environment — aspects that “reflect central questions in the life and works of Pierre Elliot Trudeau”. The Trudeau Foundation, established in 2001 in the memory of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, is a non-partisan charity endowed by the Government of Canada through the Advanced Research in the Humanities and Human Sciences Fund.

The Nomination Process

The Foundation issues calls for nominations in August and September to Canadian and other research institutions around the world. Only institutions and individuals invited by the Foundation may nominate a person for the fellowship. For detailed information with regards to the deadlines for Trudeau Fellows click here and for Visiting Trudeau Fellows can be found here. While the Trudeau Fellow is only granted to Canadian residents, the visiting Trudeau Foundation Fellowship however provides Canadian universities and research institutions also with the ability to host a visiting academic. No more than one visiting fellow is chose each year.

Nomination for the Fellowship must undergo a strict and rigorous process that comprises first an evaluation by an internal committee, secondly a final selection determined by an external committee, thirdly approval by the Application and Nomination Review Committee and lastly, final approval by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

We here at Integrating Horizons will feature dedicated articles and entries on the work of the Trudeau Foundation and its Fellows for 2014-2015. In the mean time, here is a selection of recent notable Trudeau Fellows:

2013 Fellows


Dr. Kent Roach


Dr. Jean Leclair


Dr. Jennifer Clapp


Dr. Timothy Caulfield

Previous Fellows are available here

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