Integrating Technology Series: R.I.S.E App

In this Integrating Technology Series, we look at apps that speak not only to important interdisciplinary themes but also practical social justice campaigns by putting the spotlight on how technologies can be revolutionized and integrated into our lives in new ways, exploring their practical impacts as well as their moral and existential purposes.

In this entry, we take a look at a social media app designed to help prevent incidents of sexual violence and support those around subject to gender-based discrimination around you. This is R.I.S.E.

RISE, or ‘React, Intervene, Support and Educate’, was created in 2014 to help educate and engage students witnessing violence against women on university and college campuses. The app provides information designed to develop the skills to recognize and address sexual and gender-based violence. It provides users with preventative information on a variety of situations and advice on what to do and say when witnessing an incident of sexual violence. It also features support resources based on your GPS location, and ability to share your advice as well as lend your support and voice on issues that are of importance to you.

The app is part of the #Just-got-weird Project by Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW) in partnership with the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (ORCC) who have been working in conjunction with campuses in Ottawa, the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, Carleton University, and La Cité Collégiale. It is a tool that can help students on campuses fight and have access to community resources against normalizing sexual violence.

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