Integrating Technology Series: Apps for Philosophers

As those who have been following know too well, one of our passions at ©Integrating Horizons has been exploring how technologies have been integrating into our lives more and more and how they have also been integrating into each other in new unprecedented ways. To truly unlock that potential, we have got to experiment and pass on the word! In this new series, we will be covering specifically apps that speak to not only philosophers but also to researchers, experts and students in general, putting the spotlight on how these technologies have revolutionized and integrated our lives in new ways, exploring their practical impacts as well as the moral and existential meaning.

In this entry, we explore the more practical features of what we consider perhaps the top app that has successfully integrated not only our habits on social media here at ©Integrating Horizons, but also our online research, email correspondences with our phones and other devices like tablets and laptops revolutionizing the way we process daily digital information. This is Pocket.

Pocket was created in 2007 by Nate Weiner to help users organize and store videos, articles, web pages for later viewing. The app not only saves all of those mediums and more but also syncs them to your other devices so that they can be accessible on the evening commute home or for the couch on a Saturday afternoon. What is most impressive for us is the extent to which the app is integratable with other apps in particular like Twitter and our phone’s general share features and browsers.

The service is available for free, however a premium account will net you further features that include a permanent backup of your stored pages, and historical copies of the original pages online. The premium services also come with specialized features that allow you to easily tag your saved items and do full-text searches. The ability to save those longer interesting articles on your phone for later reading or sharing is nothing short of amazing.

If you are an avid user of social media and a mad researcher and reader of blogs, online newspapers, and articles, this app is for  you.

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