Upcoming Reviews: J.G.A. Pocock’s Political Thought and History (2009) –

The following introduction is for the current paper that I have been working on of late. I intend to submit a shortened version as a book review and deliver the full length version as a conference paper. In the mean time, I wanted to publish it to spur dialogue and attention to the topics of the study of what it means to have a history. That question will be for the coming fall term a particular focus at ©Integrating Horizons along with reflections of what it means to be at home in the world. 

“The essays republished in Political Thought and History: Essays on Theory and Method essentially re-engage the theoretical study of what it means to have a history. While this collection of essays is also a re-engagement of J.G.A. Pocock’s own works and its polemics in the last half century, those in particular that have defined him as one of the many founders of the “Cambridge School” of contextualism, I will however not revive these here nor re-engage them in a contemporary context. All that I will focus instead is what I have found of philosophical interest in their thinking of history as political theory. These essays for me contain profound insights not only in thinking about what it means to have history but what it means to have more than one both as a political community and also as an individual person, important I believe in how recognizing more than one history may be a crucial component for finding within us and our community the sources for legitimizing and unifying a shared diverse life in post-colonial societies like Canada. There has been few reviews of the essays and in particular their relevance to these kinds of questions. The following will focus therefore on the second half of the republished collection entitled “History as Political Thought” and seek to elucidate the meaning of the multiplicity of histories and situated it in the context of the construction of a self in a post-colonial world.”

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