Journal: A new look for the fall

The month of September is just around the corner and new faces are abound as students from all over the world set up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and its numerous universities and colleges. And ©Integrating Horizons is right there at the center of all the action in note taking at conferences, interviewing leading intellectual figures and local students, and also participating in local community and ceremonial events!

Despite our optimism and our relentless drive, we’re still hard at work on our new look with some serious major house cleaning still on the books but do make sure to take a sneak peek at our brand new look right here and also note our new home address at! The new look will better feature the integrative features and interfaces between articles and topics as well as fix some administrative stuff under the hood so that new writers can join our team.

It’s going to be great!

The Editor in Chief, Charles
©Integrating Horizons.

©Integrating Horizons is an online philosophy magazine that features digestible summaries of conferences, articles and other happenings in philosophy that have a particular focus on diversity, self-respect and the importance of history for understanding shared global issues.