The Meaning of Being at Home Part 2 (Update)

I briefly mentioned in a previous written entry that my own private philosophical works have been spent thinking about the meaning of what it is to be at home. I was interested in the different ways we could speak of our sense of being at home, how each affects the normative significance it has in terms of how things matter to me and how this matters to institutions and governments, indeed for thinking not only about major social global issues of the past, the present, and future, but also, perhaps more or less philosophically,… Read More

Integrating Technology Series: Apps for Philosophers

As those who have been following know too well, one of our passions at ©Integrating Horizons has been exploring how technologies have been integrating into our lives more and more and how they have also been integrating into each other in new unprecedented ways. To truly unlock that potential, we have got to experiment and pass on the word! In this new series, we will be covering specifically apps that speak to not only philosophers but also to researchers, experts and students in general, putting the spotlight on how these technologies have… Read More

Upcoming Reviews: J.G.A. Pocock’s Political Thought and History (2009) –

The following introduction is for the current paper that I have been working on of late. I intend to submit a shortened version as a book review and deliver the full length version as a conference paper. In the mean time, I wanted to publish it to spur dialogue and attention to the topics of the study of what it means to have a history. That question will be for the coming fall term a particular focus at ©Integrating Horizons along with reflections of what it means to be at home in the world.  “The essays republished… Read More

The Need for a National Public Inquiry on Canada’s Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

In a panel discussion on Canada’s Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women for The Agenda, Michèle Audette – president of NWAC – provided an impassionate answer as to why Aboriginal women in Canada have been the target of violence. For us at ©Integrating Horizons, Michèle’s response captures the essence as well as the urgency for a National Public Inquiry in Canada on missing and murdered Aboriginal women. For us at [Aboriginal women are targeted because of] discrimination, racism, being marginalized every day, extreme poverty facing in the community or urban setting, the vulnerability that got us close to the violence,… Read More

First Nations Director, Alanis Obomsawin

In this featured post, the spotlight is on acclaimed and distinguished First Nations Director, Producer and Order of Canada recipient Alanis Obomsawin and her celebrated body of work in the last 40 years. In one of her latest interviews (with Q), Alanis spoke of her recent documentaries Hi-Ho Mistahey! and The People of the Kattawapiskak River / Le peuple de la rivière Kattawapiskak and in particular of the sacredness of listening in her approach to capture the dignity that even the most impoverished people and communities like Kattawapiskak have found in their… Read More