The 2nd Quarter Report for © Integrating Horizons

by Charles Dumais, B.A., M.A., Writer and Editor in Chief

There’s been such a range of perspectives covered in these first two quarters of 2014. © Integrating Horizons, the project of this very website which I started in February of this year, continues the conversations as well as the dialogues and reflections that seek to further explore the interdisciplinary and practical relations of the field of philosophy to shared global problems — those that have been articulated at conferences and public events. I found that it was almost always the case that a conference presentation was delivered or perhaps an insightful idea communicated and no online written blog or conversation followed, minimizing the opportunities for exploring its impacts on shared problems and failing to take advantage and developing its insights into new partnerships through social media. I believe that there is an opportunity being missed in holding philosophical disciplines accountable to its own and other social needs and expectations as well as providing frameworks, answers to understand the immediacy of our social problems. The project of © Integrating Horizons has also been there to learn and showcase the success of those that have taken advantage of social media– sometimes further connecting their idea(s) and insight(s) to other fields.

Some of the posts have been focused on conferences that I have had the unique pleasure of attending, however, most of them are primarily from  online archives of videos like YouTube. The themes that I have chosen have followed my own work at the present and that of my own past. My work for instance at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada feature into my posts on the residential schools in Canada . My current work as an expert in Canadian Constitutional theory and history features in the posts on the Supreme Court, constitutional theory of interpretation and the role of history. And finally, my hope in pursuing a PhD in philosophy feature into my attempt to gain a refresher and broad foundation in the diversity of philosophical perspectives. The main purpose is to focus and explore the interdisciplinary and practical nature of philosophy.

The main goal for the remaining 3rd and 4th quarters of 2014 is to continue the writing in order not only to further articulate and understand the horizons, the themes, the problems, the insights that are emerging and being integrated, but also lay down the foundations for other writers to contribute and explore from various backgrounds their own. My further hope is that in the following month the process will reveal a way to assess the extent to which © Integrating Horizons should become an incorporated entity or an online laboratory and of what kind in the longer scheme (whether it is an online magazine, or a non-profit organization with conferences and campaigns of its own, and so forth).

The following weeks will feature a bit of house-cleaning and a review of the website’s interface. A few new feature series will also be developed: the first will be on MA theses, and second on the top popular posts based on views. There will potentially also be new page featuring an encompassing list of all of the series that have been created so far with their upcoming deadlines.

“Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare”.

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