Justice Murray Sinclair At the Symposium on Reconciliation

Chair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

At the Centre for First Nations Governance

Click here for the video.

In the following selection of presentations for the 2011 Symposium on Reconciliation, Justice Murray Sinclair’s lecture spoke about the meaning of reconciliation in Canada and his work as Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Reconciliation, Justice Sinclair notes, is a non-Aboriginal problem as much as to Aboriginal one because it is something that not only happened to Aboriginal people but it is also something that “Canada did to itself”. It is important to remember that as Aboriginal children were taught in the residential schools that their culture and their languages were inferior, hedonistic and worshiped the devil, the same picture were being taught to non-Aboriginal children in the Canadian public school system. This has unfairly contributed to non-Aboriginal children having been raised to believe in the superiority of their own cultures and languages.

We will be devoting at Integrating Horizons a major pillar to Aboriginal issues and history in Canada, in particular the meaning of the residential schools and reconciliation for non-Aboriginal in conversation with Aboriginal peoples. 

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