Philosophical Matters: The Meaning of “Being at Home” Part 2


I briefly mentioned in a previous written entry on Integrating Horizons that my own private philosophical works have been spent thinking about the meaning of what it is “to be at home”. I was interested in the different ways we currently speak of our sense of being at home, how each affects the normative significance it has in terms of how things matter to me and how this matters to institutions and governments, indeed for thinking not only about major social global issues of the past, the present, and future, but also, perhaps more or less philosophically, our freedom as agents in creating a home for ourselves and for others.

As a second gear to the project, I also want to further explore how my own philosophical disposition in conceiving the human as a self-interpretive person, and an inherently a social one, critiques and gives us further insights into current ways of being at home and in the concepts we use to speak of being at home as something more than ethics or cultural identity but a sharing and a creating of life with another(s). In the coming months, my goal will be to unpack the philosophical concepts and intellectual tradition that will help me develop this conception of home further; how we create and share a life with others, how love, incredible moments, and connections — expressed in our sense of home — have been given and can be further expressed in our life, in our civilization and as responses to the social global issues we collectively share.

Click here to read the remainder of the entry. 

Written by Charles Dumais, Materials protected by copyright and related rights 2014-2015. 

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