Professor Peter Singer on “Global Poverty”

University of Melbourne In 2012, the University of Melbourne hosted a public talk between Professor Peter Singer and Daniel Lewis-Toakley on poverty not only in Australia but in the world at large. Professor Singer spoke about the challenges in understanding global poverty and the nature of our ethical responsibilities toward the world’s 1.4 billion living under the poverty line. Click here for the full summary.  Click here for the video.

Professor Jürgen Habermas: Interview on Modernity, Communicative Reason and the Holbergprisens

The Holberg Prize Laureate 2005, Professor Jürgen Habermas In this rare interview, Professor Jürgen Habermas speaks about the philosophical role of religious traditions in secular modernity and the prestigious awarding of the 2005 Holbergprisens (The Holberg Prize). In the interview, Professor Habermas argues that modern society depends on not only the perpetuation of new technologies but also on the critique and the subjective reinterpretation of its built-in religious and moral traditions that give secular society its meaningful political and social orientations. “Society is not only depending on technologies and their knowledge which… Read More

Justice Murray Sinclair on “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada”

Justice Murray Sinclair on “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada” Commission Chair, Justice Murray Sinclair In the following interview, Justice Murray Sinclair speaks about his role as Chair and Head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) and what the history of the residential schools means not only to Aboriginal peoples but also for Canada. One of the important tasks of the TRC, he notes, is to provide a space for survivors to feel that they are being listened to in a serious way and that their stories are… Read More

Professor David Harvey on “The Contradictions of Capital”

Professor David Harvey on “The Contradictions of Capital” The 2012 Distinguished Lecturer Series, University of Warwick At the University of Warwick in 2012, Professor David Harvey delivered a lecture titled “The Contradictions of Capital”. He argued that the need for a coherent post-capitalist system today must be in response not only to the nature of capital but in particular to the nature of what Karl Marx called its “contradictions” if we are indeed to “displace, reconfigure” its foundational and fatal systemic features. In this lecture, Professor Harvey discusses the importance of the… Read More

Professor Anthony A. Long on “Marcus Aurelius and the Self”

Professor Anthony A. Long on “Marcus Aurelius and the Self”Institute of Classics, London U.K., 2012 At the Institute of Classics in 2012, Professor A.A. Long delivered a philosophical paper titled “Marcus Aurelius and the Self” — now published in A Companion to Marcus Aurelius edited by Marcel van Ackeren. In the paper he presented, Professor Long argued that Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, although firmly “grounded in the study and practice of stoicism”, went “far beyond these acknowledged antecedents” in its reflections on the “self”. Professor Long explains that the exultation we find in the Meditations to sever from… Read More