Professor Anthony A. Long on “Marcus Aurelius and the Self”

Professor Anthony A. Long on “Marcus Aurelius and the Self”
Institute of Classics, London U.K., 2012


At the Institute of Classics in 2012, Professor A.A. Long delivered a philosophical paper titled “Marcus Aurelius and the Self” — now published in A Companion to Marcus Aurelius edited by Marcel van Ackeren. In the paper he presented, Professor Long argued that Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, although firmly “grounded in the study and practice of stoicism”, went “far beyond these acknowledged antecedents” in its reflections on the “self”. Professor Long explains that the exultation we find in the Meditations to sever from the self the “spatial-temporal” in pursuing stoic ethical development articulates a conception of the “self” that is “autonomous”– the “center point of refuge in an outer context” that is embodied in a world beyond our control. His paper seeks to explore this expression of this embodied “selfhood” in the Meditations and the way that it integrates both conflicting outer determinism and its inner subjective autonomy in its attempts to live an appropriate life according to Stoic principles.

Click here for the remainder of my summary. 

Click here for Part I of the video.
Click here for Part II of the video.

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