World Prizes in Philosophy Series: The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Foundation, The Norwegian Nobel Institute, The Norwegian Parliament (“The Storting”)   In this second feature of the #Prizes in Philosophy Series, we look at the eminent Nobel Peace Prize — a USD 1 000 000 (EUR 1 500 000) prize established by the terms of the will of engineer Dr. Alfred Bernhard Nobel. The will was drawn on November 27th, 1895 and has been managed since his passing on December 10th 1896 by the Nobel Foundation created in 1900. The Nobel Peace Prize is granted to suitable candidate(s) that have… Read More

World Prizes in Philosophy Series: The Holberg Prize

  The Norwegian Parliament, Holberg Prize Committee, Holberg Board, Twitter: @holbergprisen We will be inaugurating this month at Integrating Horizons a new Series in #Prizes in Philosophy, covering major international prizes awarded in philosophy and other fields in the humanities. The purpose is to place further spotlight on the organizations that contribute to interdisciplinary and intercultural issues. The first prize in the series we will be putting the spotlight is the Holberg Prize — a USD 790 000 (EUR 610 000) granted on an annual basis for outstanding contributions in the arts, humanities, social sciences,… Read More

Professor Peter Singer on “The Why and How of Effective Altruism”

Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values, Princeton University At the 2013 TedTalks, Princeton University Professor Peter Singer spoke about the growing movement of “effective altruism”; the idea that our voluntarism and/or monetary donation(s) should focus on campaigns and organizations that effectively spend and are effectively directed to help the most people possible the most efficiently. Click here for the remainder of my summary. Click here for the video.

Liu Xiaobo video Interview “How Strong is China’s Dissident Movement”

Political dissident and activist, Liu Xiabo Click here for the video interview. This video features a rare one-on-one interview with Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo recorded April 2008. It is the last known recorded video of Liu Xiaobo before his home arrest which occurred a few months afterward. The interview was taped by Journeyman Pictures — an independent group of journalists exploring contemporary issues of global significance. In the video, Liu Xiaobo speaks of “positive change” in China, his Open Letter on Tibet, human rights and economic prosperity, and the growing social… Read More

Professor Anthony K. Appiah on “Self-Creation or Self-Discovery”

McGill University, Charles Taylor at 80: An International Conference At the Charles Taylor at 80: An International Conference, Professor Anthony Appiah read a brief philosophical paper titled “Self-Creation or Self’-Discovery”. He argued that Professor Charles Taylor’s work can be seen as a challenge to a Humean picture of agency by offering in contrast a constitutive(s) and embedded social formation(s) of agency itself. In his brief presentation Professor Appiah traces the centrality of Taylor’s notion of interpretation for locating the profound dialogue between self-creation as a form of self-discovery in the making of a meaningful life…. Read More