Dr. James Tully on Reconciliation Here on Earth: Shared Responsibilities

Reconciliation Here on Earth: Shared Responsibilities With Dr. James TullyDalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia At the conference Reconciliation Here on Earth, Canadian philosopher James Tully explored what it means and what kind of practices are required for a sustainable future. He argued that our shared responsibilities among communities and symbiotic ecosystems require a commitment in two informal interconnected processes or types of reconciliations: first, a reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous persons, that is the reconciliation between native traditions and those of settlers; and secondly a reconciliation between human beings and what he terms… Read More

Dr. Stephen Batchelor and Dr. John Peacock on Uncertain Minds: How The West Misunderstands Buddhism

Uncertain Minds: How The West Misunderstands Buddhism Interfaith Series at St-Paul’s Cathedral , Dr. Stephen Batchelor and Dr. John Peacock   On  March 21st 2011, St-Paul’s Cathedral in London hosted a conference on the misunderstanding of Buddhism in the West. Its keynote speakers, Professors Stephen Batchelor and John Peacock, both explored how the word Buddhism itself had become since the 19th century misinterpreted as a religion in terms very similar to Christianity. They both argued that Buddhism inherently and historically cannot be understood and in fact loses much of its core dynamisms… Read More

Justice Robert Sharpe on the 25th anniversary of R. v. Oakes [1986]

Ottawa Law Review 2012 Symposium, University of Ottawa Justice Robert Sharpe – The Court of Appeal for Ontario Click here for the video of the Conference. The Law Faculty of the University of Ottawa held in 2012 a symposium marking the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Its keynote speaker Justice Robert Sharpe spoke on the 25th commemorative anniversary of the R. v. Oakes [1986] and the its historical circumstances surrounding the decision. The R. v. Oakes [1986], noted Justice Sharpe, was certainly amongst the most important first cases of the… Read More

Glenn Gould 1981 Interview – Bach’s Goldberg’s Variations

Glenn Gould 1981 Interview – Bach’s Goldberg’s Variations In this entry we go back to the year of 1981 for an interview recording of my utmost favorite composer and revered pianist Glenn Gould. The first 6 minutes of the interview is a discussion with Gould on his approach in re-working his original recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations with the remainder offering extraordinary video of Gould performing the Variations in studio. Click here for the entry.