Administrative Reflections

The Status Update Meeting: Three Insights to Make it Work The status update meeting has been perhaps the most common type of meeting I have undertaken in my academic career. In this post, I have compiled a list of three key insights that have helped measure results and manage expectations for this particular type of meeting.  By definition, the status update meeting is in practice a debriefing meeting where the most important results, progress and deadlines are very succinctly outlined and then their status is briefly discussed. Its purpose is to identify risks (i.e., something that… Read More

Dr. Will Kymlicka on “Animal Rights, Multiculturalism, and The Left”

The 2012-2013 Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series at The Graduate Center, City University of New YorkDr. Will Kymlicka on “Animal Rights, Multiculturalism, and The Left” April 25th 2013 At the 2013 Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series, Professor Kymlicka argued that the “social Left” has been particularly indifferent towards animal rights advocacy. In this lecture, Professor Kymlicka showed that the Left’s stance is not only theoretically unjustified but that it is also not anti-ethical to multicultural commitments, as he understands them. Click here for Lecture Part 1 and Lecture Part 2 (commentary). Click here for the summary article. 

Ovid’s Metamorphosis: Transforming the Self

Ovid’s Metamorphosis: Transforming the Self The Metamorphosis, written by Publius Ovidius Naso in 8 A.D., is a collection of classical Latin Roman poems depicting Roman mythology and the mutability of the human condition. The collection is one of my personal favorites to read and to translate in particular for its creative articulation and attention to human transformation, indeed transformation the human person undergoes through achievement and failure. It is also a collection of poems that contain for me profound philosophical insights into the shiftingness of human personhood, indeed the flux of the world where… Read More

Chief justice Berverly McLachlin: A basic Introduction to the Supreme Court of Canada (University of British Columbia, 2010)

Chief justice Berverly McLachlin on the Supreme Court of CanadaUniversity of British Columbia, Faculty of Law At the 2010 University of British Columbia speakers series, Chief justice Berverly McLachlin lectured on the history of the Supreme Court of Canada, its composition and how it goes about deciding cases. Chief Justice McLachlin argued that the Supreme Court has become a “fundamental part” of not only the “Canadian constitutional setup” but also as an institution “fundamental” to “Canadian democracy”. Click here for the remainder of the summary article and/or click also here for the… Read More

Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, “The Copenhagen Climate Summit, in Context”

Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, “The Copenhagen Climate Summit, in Context: What Came Before, What Happens Next?”Princeton University, March 4th 2010  At the 2010 Princeton University Speakers Series, Dr. Michael Oppenheimer spoke on the science and politics of climate change, Dr. Oppenheimer argued that while the Copenhagen Summit was neither the world saving event that the European Union sought nor a failure as it had been branded afterward, it was nevertheless a step in the journey of finding a workable solution to the problem of climate change. In his lecture, Dr. Oppenheimer begins with… Read More