Dr. Huda Zurayk’s Lecture: What Tomorrow: A Day in the Life of an Arab Woman.

Dr. Huda Zurayk’s “What Tomorrow: A Day in the Life of an Arab Woman” Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, Harvard University At the 2014 Lecture for Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Studies at Harvard University, Dr. Huda Zurayk’s argued that basic health and wellbeing indicators in understanding the lives of Arab women need to broadened to include their contextual historical, cultural, educative and economic dynamics which often act as constraints on women’s full realization and the transformation of their environments. Despite the progress in basic health indicators, Arab women continue to live with… Read More

Dr. Kent Roach on The Residential Schools and Canadian Law

At this year’s IdeaLaw Conference, Professor Kent Roach argued that the ongoing failures of Canadian Law to re-imaginatively adapt itself to address the injustices of the residential schools and its legacies continues to be a major inhibitor to reconciliation. The residential schools legacy provide constitutional experts and lawyers, argued Roach, with a case in point in the systematic failure to protect Aboriginal language, Aboriginal rights, culture, language, family and the fair legal indemnity for the abuses and loss of culture. Click here for the blog entry.

Dr. Weinstock on Québec’s Charter of Values

Québec at the Crossroads: The Charter of Values and the Future of Québec By the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs At this conference, Professor Daniel Weinstock depicts the perplexity of the Charter of Values’ in situating it in Quebec’s relatively progressive social and intellectual contexts, particularly in light of the province’s progressive history in family and health policy, subsidized daycare and its supportive record with gay marriage. In my summary of Professor Weinstock’s lecture available here, I explore how to understand the Charter’s support and the new political dynamics inherent to these… Read More