Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University Lecture Series: “The Copenhagen Climate Summit, in Context: What Came Before, What Happens Next?”

Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs: “The Copenhagen Climate Summit, in Context: What Came Before, What Happens Next?” At the Princeton University 2010 Speakers Series, Dr. Michael Oppenheimer spoke on the topic of the science of climate change and argued that while Copenhagen was neither the world saving event that the European Union sought it to be, nor was it a failure as it was subsequently branded, but indeed a step and a significant one in the journey of finding a workable solution to the problem of climate change. In… Read More

Nobel Peace Nominee, Sheila-Watt Cloutier on Climate Change and Human Rights

Keynote Presentation: Sheila Watt-Cloutier – Nobel Peace Prize Nominee  On Climate Change and Human Rights Halifax, Nova Scotia – Traditional grounds of the Mi’kmaq At the 2014 IdeaLaw conference, Noble Peace Prize Nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier spoke about our collective environmental challenges and argued that an adequate response must encapsulate the interconnectivity between our resources, environmental challenges, in particular those that tie the Northern Arctic and the South together, and the relatable human stories behind them. Sheila reminds us that climate change is never simply environmental degradation or melting ice of a remote… Read More

The Technology of Near Field Communication (NFC)

The Technology of Near Field Communication In the newest entry, I explore at a very introductory level the technology of Near Field Communication (NFC) and then very briefly share my thoughts on some of its possible applications in the contexts of academia and research environments — at least how I would be interested in exploring its uses. My thoughts on this topic are only preliminary but I do hope in the coming blog entries to go into further details about NFC and its uses. Here, all that I want to do so… Read More

Dr. Alasdair MacIntyre: On Having Survived Academic Moral Philosophy of the Twentieth Century

University College Dublin (UCD) School of Philosophy, March 6th 2009 In this lecture, Dr. Alasdair MacIntyre reviews in retrospect his conclusions within moral philosophy and the conditions of moral philosophy itself. The lecture is told in 8 stages which can be found using the weblink provided below. A concise summary blog will be featured here on Integrating Horizons©. Lecture Pt.1 Lecture Pt.2 Lecture Pt.3 Lecture Pt.4

The Youth Arctic Coalition Inaugural International Conference 2014

Satellite Hub at King’s College, Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. The Youth Arctic Coalition (YAC) 2014 Inaugural International Conference was held in Ottawa and Iqaluit, and virtual hubs across the Circumpolar North and other northern regions, including Oslo, Svalbard, Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Helsinki, Archangel in Russia, and Halifax in Nova Scotia. The purpose for the YAC conference was to unite delegates across multiple regions to contribute on pressing issues affecting Northern communities and to contribute in drafting the constitution of the YAC. My blog entry shall focus first on the unique structure of… Read More