The Youth Arctic Coalition Inaugural International Conference 2014

Satellite Hub at King’s College, Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

The Youth Arctic Coalition (YAC) 2014 Inaugural International Conference was held in Ottawa and Iqaluit, and virtual hubs across the Circumpolar North and other northern regions, including Oslo, Svalbard, Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Helsinki, Archangel in Russia, and Halifax in Nova Scotia. The purpose for the YAC conference was to unite delegates across multiple regions to contribute on pressing issues affecting Northern communities and to contribute in drafting the constitution of the YAC.

My blog entry shall focus first on the unique structure of the conference and second on the select issues that were shared at the conference over those few days. In particular, those that concern governance in the North, the economic role of the North, human rights and environmental degradation, food security, Arctic contaminants, sovereignty, education, as well as the inclusion of Aboriginal peoples in community based decision making and resource exploration and management. Click here for the entry. 


Dalhousie University, Kings College

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