Dr. Weinstock on Québec’s Charter of Values

Québec at the Crossroads:
The Charter of Values and the Future of Québec
By the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs

At this conference, Professor Daniel Weinstock depicts the perplexity of the Charter of Values’ in situating it in Quebec’s relatively progressive social and intellectual contexts, particularly in light of the province’s progressive history in family and health policy, subsidized daycare and its supportive record with gay marriage.

In my summary of Professor Weinstock’s lecture available here, I explore how to understand the Charter’s support and the new political dynamics inherent to these contexts, in particular the Parti Québécois’ (PQ’s) electoral loss as well as the ascent of the Action Démocratique du Québec (ADQ) in 2007 and the unlikely coalition of four constituencies that have each read into the PQ’s legislation that is the Charter corrective measures against a perception of excess and the unreasonableness of reasonable accommodation of religious minorities.

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