Dr. Tu Wei Ming Harvard University Lecture Series Winter-2001

Tu Weiming Harvard University Lecture Series Winter-2001 Confucianism and Moral Reasoning Professor Tu Weiming in the following lecture series speaks on the subject of Confucian humanism and Chinese intellectual history. The lectures consider the basic concepts in Confucianism and the applicability of Confucian ethics in the global context of contemporary issues on the environment, modernity, feminism, and others. The first part of the series considers texts from Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, Zhu Xi, and Wang Yangming. The second part reviews the applicability of this classical system of ethics as well as classical and modern critiques of the… Read More

Prime Minister’s Apology on the Indian Residential Schools System

I review in this latest article the Prime Minister’s formal apology on the Canadian residential schools system delivered in the House of Commons June 11th 2008. Click here for the article and official documentation on the Canadian apology and the 2006 Canadian Settlement on Residential Schools.

Dr. Daniel Weinstock in A Society at the Crossroads: The Charter of Values and the Future of Quebec

Press Release: A Society at the Crossroads: The Charter of Values and the Future of Quebec Quebec’s “Charter of Values” has elicited a great deal of discussion since it was first introduced by the Parti Québécois in the Fall of 2013. In this lecture, Daniel Weinstock will elucidate both the political context in which the proposed law has emerged, and the deeper intellectual and social context in which it is rooted. Thursday March 20 Dr. Daniel Weinstock, Professor in the Faculty of Law, McGill University 7 – 9 pm, Room 105, Weldon Law Building, Dalhousie… Read More

Dr. James Tully on Reconciliation Here on Earth: Shared Responsibilities

Press Release: Reconciliation Here on Earth: Shared Responsibilities  This series of events brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in conversation toward building socially, politically, and ecologically just futures together, through cooperation, mutual respect and the sharing of ideas and actions — both here in Mi’kmaqi and in First Peoples lands across Canada. This is a follow-up to the 2012-13 Mackay Lecture Series, which included lectures by Michael Asch and John Borrows on the same theme. The third lecture in the series, by James Tully, will take place on March 20 – see below for… Read More